Al-Qaradaawee on the Scales – Naasir bin Hamad Al-Fahad

AUTHOR: Naasir bin Hamad Al-Fahad
TRANSLATED: Al-Ibaanah Book Publishing

About the Book: 

This is a translation of a small booklet titled: “Al-Qaradaawee fil-Meezaan” [Al-Qaradaawee on the Scales] compiled and prepared by Naasir bin Hamad Al-Fahd and published by Maktabah Asad as-Sunnah, Egypt (2nd Edition).

This small pamphlet provides a glimpse into some of the peculiar and strange opinions of the well known Dr. Yoosuf Al-Qaradaawee so that the Muslims could be aware of his reality. If it were not for his widespread fame throughout the Muslim and non-Muslim lands, there would be no need for treatises such as this, let alone detailed books, which have also been authored about him by various authors.

However, for the sake of advising the Muslims and warning them from the dangerous views and philosophy of this individual, these books and treatises were written – this pamphlet being one of the smaller abridged ones. This e-book is in no way meant to be a definitive source or a comprehensive refutation. Rather, the main goal intended here is to provide the readers with a glimpse of some of Al-Qaradaawee’s outlandish views and statements, which prove his remoteness from knowledge and the way of the true scholars.

We ask Allaah to make this treatise a source of guidance for the Muslims and a means for them to avoid deviation and misguidance and all those who call to it.

Excerpts from the Book: 

“He said about the Christians: ‘All of the issues that exist between us are common. We are all sons of one country – our destiny is one…our nation is one…I say about them that they are our Christian brothers…but some people condemn me for this…How can I say that they are our Christian brothers when Allaah says: ‘Verily the believers are only brothers?’…yes, we are believers but they too are believers from another perspective.’”

“As for the Raafidah, who inherited the beliefs of the Mu’tazilah and added more grotesque and bizarre views to it of which the least of them is enough to associate them with the likes of Abu Jahl, then you find him defending them and fraternizing with them. In fact, he even regards inciting any conflicts with them as an act of treachery against the ummah. And he considers their cursing of the Companions, their distortion of the Qur’aan, their beliefs that their Imaams are infallible, and their pilgrimage to the gravesites among other things as ‘marginal oppositions to Creed.’”

He said in quote: ‘Unfortunately, I am in my seventies and I go to America to participate in Islamic conferences, but the lectures in these conferences are held with the women on one side and the men on another side. So sternness has overcome the organizations there and they have forced customs on the western community itself to the point that they have followed the stricter views whilst abandoning the more favorable views. So this has resulted in men having their own gathering place apart from the gathering place of women.’”

“You will find that the elder figures and prominent members of the Ikhwan-ul-Muslimoon group do not allow one single hair to grow on their faces. And this is even though everyone knows that this person is from the Ikhwan-ul-Muslimeen – I mean by this (especially) the national security forces. So therefore, the issue (of shaving) is not that of someone who is fearful and afraid of being targeted, rather it is a matter of flattering the secular community and presenting the Ikhwani version of Islamic moderation!!! Did you not see their most recent caller, ‘Amr Khaalid, and how he always appears clean-shaven, charming the crowds and demolishing what Ahlus-Sunnah have built, since when confronting the low ones among them, they are faced with the argument: ‘Are you better than ‘Amr Khaalid?!’ As for those from the Ikhwan-ul-Muslimoon that do grow a beard, then it is only a light circular set of hairs around the face – the trademark of the Ikhwan and the practice of Hasan Al-Bannaa, not that of the Prophet! [Written by the Publisher]”

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