Three Ways to Forgiveness – Imam Ibn Rajab

Three Ways to Forgiveness
جامع العلوم واحلكم :Original Title
Original Author: Ibn Rajab al-Ḥanbalī
Translated by: Abu az-Zubayr Harrison –


The Ḥadīth
The First Way: Hopeful Supplication
The Second Way: Asking Allah for Forgiveness
The Third Way: Tawḥīd

Anas Ibn Mālik (radhi Allaahu anhu) said: I heard Allah’s messenger (sallallaahu alaihi wa sallam) saying:

“Allah ( تعاىل ) said,

  • ‘Oh son of Adam, as long as you call on me and hope in me, I  will forgive you for whatever (sins) you have and I will not mind.
  • Oh son of Adam, if your sins were to reach the clouds in the sky and then were you to ask for my forgiveness, I would forgive you and I would not mind.
  • Oh son of Adam, if you were to come to me with sins as much as the earth and then you meet me not worshipping anything else along with me, I would come to you with as much forgiveness.’”

Recorded by at-Tirmidhī (no. 3540). Shaykh al-Albānī said it is authentic in “Ṣaḥīḥ Sunan at-Tirmidhī” (no. 2805)

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