How to wake up for Fajr Prayer everyday ? – Fatwas of Ibn Baz

Content > Volume 8 > Answers to some questions submitted by students to His Eminence > How to wake up for Fajr Prayer everyday  

Q : What are the methods I can use in order not to miss the Fajr (Dawn) Prayer? I go to bed early but wake up after sunrise. 

A: Every Muslim has to fear Allah (Exalted be He) and offer the Five Obligatory Daily Prayers at their appointed times. He has to try all means that help him in this regard. One of the means that he can try in order to offer the Fajr (Dawn) Prayer in congregation is to sleep early and to set the alarm for the Fajr prayer time. In this way he will be able to arise at the right time and attend the congregational Prayer. He should also ask Allah (Exalted be He) to help him wake up at Fajr time. Another means he can try is to recite the Dhikr (remembrance of Allah) which is said upon sleeping. This way, Allah (Exalted be He) will help him wake up to offer Fajr Prayer in congregation.

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