Ruling on seeking the help of sorcerers or soothsayers to kill or exorcise evil spirits – Ibn Baaz

Q 4: Is it permissible for people who suffer from jinn possession to seek the help of soothsayers in order to kill or exorcise the jinn possessing them?

A: It is not permissible for them to do so because sorcery and soothsaying can only be performed with the aid of devils whose help is attained when the performer attributes them as partners to Allah in worship. A soothsayer is known to have contact with the jinn who inform him of what is going on at certain places. For example, so-and-so died in the Levant (the region covering Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, and Palestine) and the like matters.

Devils pass information about future events to each other until it finally reaches the soothsayer. When he passes this information to an ignorant person, the latter comes to believe that the soothsayer or fortuneteller possesses knowledge of Ghayb (Unseen) where in fact the source of this information is Devil. A soothsayer may also seek the help of powerful devils to exorcise another devil possessing the person. This can only be done if the possessed person fulfills their desire that they be worshipped beside Allah or that the possessed person makes vows for their sake or slaughters animals for the sake of drawing near to them. Once their desire is fulfilled, the Shayateen start to threaten the possessing devil with death or imprisonment unless he surrenders to their commands. At that point, the possessing devil will have no choice but to obey his master devils and then leave.

It is not a valid excuse to seek the help of soothsayers on the basis that some people benefit from their help. Those who worship jinn seek to get benefit from them even though the jinn themselves may cause them greater harm by possessing them or robbing their property. Thus, it is not a valid excuse to join jinn in the worship of Allah on the pretext of seeking their benefit to cure the illnesses of humans. During the pre-Islamic era, people used to speak to the idols. The Shayatin would incarnate the idols and would speak with people whom they tempted into worshipping them beside Allah.

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