O you human being, who stands in need and who was created for a tremendous matter ! – Imam Ibn Qudaamah Al-Maqdisee

So O you human being, who stands in need and who was created for a tremendous matter, you for whom the Hellfire and the Gardens of Bliss were created, if you devote your attention to the musical instruments with your ears; and you look at what Allaah forbade with your eyes; and you eat doubtful matters with your mouth, allowing them to enter your stomach; and you are pleased with yourself dancing and swaying; and you waste all of your precious time engaged in these despicable acts; and you throw away your life, which has no value, in trying to attain these condemnable things; and you busy your body, which was created for worship, with that which Allaah forbade for His servants; and you sit in the gathering of the people of falsehood; and you perform the acts of the sinners and the ignorant.

You will come to know, when the cover has been lifted, and the Command (of Allaah) comes to pass, what will befall you from regret on the Day when you see the positions of those who have preceded (you) and the reward of those who did good deeds. While you will be with those who were left behind, the squanderers, and you will be counted as being in the company of the people of falsehood, the neglectful. You have stopped proceeding, the pains have befallen you, and your regrets have become tremendous. For on that Day, the one who cries will not be shown mercy, nor will the one who complains be listened to. Nor will the one who regrets be comforted. Nor will anyone be saved from the Torment of Allaah except for he who is granted mercy.

May Allaah awaken you and us from the sleep of heedlessness, and may He enable you and us to perform what He created us for (i.e. worship), by His mercy.

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