The Use of Haid-Inhibitors (Period delaying Pills) and Stimulants (Period advancing Pills) – Shaykh ibn Uthaymeen

The Use of Haid (Menses) Inhibitors is permissible under two conditions:

FIRST: There is no associated harm on the woman. Because Allah (subhana wa ta’aala) said:

( { ولا تُلقُوا بأيديكُم إلى التَّهلُكَة } (البقرة، 195
“And do not throw yourselves in destruction” (Qur’an 2: 195).

( { ولا تَقتُلوا أنفُسَكُم إنَّ الله آانَ بكم رحيماً } (النِّساء، 29
“And do not kill yourselves surely Allah is Most Merciful to you” (Qur’an 4: 29)

SECOND: If its use affects the husband in one way or another, then his permission should be first sought. For example, if a woman is going through her Idda and the husband is obligated to spend upon her, then she is not allowed to prolong her Idda (by using Haid inhibitors) in order that she can receive more of his spending. She should request his permission. Similarly it is not permissible to use such inhibitors without the husband’s approval if it is known that the inhibitors will prevent her becoming pregnant. It is better not to use these inhibitors except under the above conditions and when there is a real need for that, because leaving the matter as natural as possible is better for the balance of health and safety of the woman.

The Use of Haid (Menses) Stimulants is permissible under two conditions:

FIRST: There must be no abuse of its use. For example, to excuse herself from certain mandatory acts of worship like using stimulants right before the month of Ramadan so as to be excused from fasting or from prayers.

SECOND: The use of stimulants must be permitted by the husband because the presence of Haid prevents him from having full enjoyment with his wife. Also, if she was divorced, then this will quickly drop off the husband’s right of returning her because it will hasten the end of her Idda. This applies to the case when the declared divorce is of the type known as Revocable Divorce in which the husband has the right to return his wife before the end of her Idda.

Questions & Answers
Haid Inhibitors

Q1: What is the ruling regarding on the use of Haid-inhibitory pills during the month of Ramadan?

As long as there is no harm in their use and as long as the husband permits this, then it is permissible to use these pills.

However, it came to my knowledge that these measures can harm the woman, especially when it is known that the release of blood by menses is a natural process. To prevent this natural way may cause certain harm to the woman.

Also the use of these pills can effect the regulation of the periodical cycle itself and that leaves her in doubt and confusion regarding the offering of her prayer and whether she is able to have sexual intercourse with her husband or not.

Because of this and other associated reasons, I cannot say that the use of these pills is unlawful but I do not like it and do not encourage it. I say that the woman should accept what Allah had ordained for her and should consider the answer of the Prophet (صلى الله عليه و سلم) to his wife ‘Aisha when she had her menses after she made Ihram for Umra. The Prophet (صلى الله عليه و سلم) asked ‘Aisha: “May be that you got your menses?”. ‘Aisha replied, “Yes”. He (صلى الله عليه و سلم) then said,”This is the thing which Allah has ordained for all the daughters of Adam” [62]. The woman should then be patient and seek the reward from Allah. If she is unable to perform Salat and fasting because of her menses, the door is still opened for her to celebrate the praises of Allah, give charity and do good to people and such acts are great acts of worship.

[62] Saheeh Al-Bukhari (Arabic-English) V.1, P. 182, Hadeeth # 302.

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