Kitaab-ut-Tawheed – Dawud Burbank [Audio Series|En]

An Explanation of Kitab Al-Tawhid by Allama Abd-Rahman Al-Sadi

Audio lessons are by Abu Talhah rahimahullaah, mainly based upon Imam  AbdurRahman Al-Sadi’s explanation, which can be bought here and used as study aid while listening to the series. In addition, Dawud Burbank rahimahullaah also explains some Points from Shaykh Uthaymeen and other Imaams as well.

Here is the brief description of the Book from the Publisher:

This book is a brief yet extremely beneficial explanation of Sheikh al-Islam Muhammad ibn Abd al-Wahhab’s famous Kitab al-Tawhid. The book, as the title suggests, deals with the subject of worshipping Allah alone without associating partners with Him. The author highlights many matters that have become common among Muslims even though they are clearly acts of shirk or associating partners with Allah. Not only is this book distinguished due to the importance of the subject matter but also due to the methodology adopted by the author for which he is well known. The reader will find that the majority of the book consists of verses of the Qur’an, ahadith of the Prophet (صلى الله عليه وسلم) and sayings of the early Muslims.  The explanation presented at the end of each chapter of Kitab al-Tawhid is that of the renowned scholar Allamah Abd al-Rahman al-Sa di, counted among the major scholars of recent times. He was born in al-Qasim, Saudi Arabia, in the year 1307AH, and from a young age became engrossed in the attainment of knowledge. His dedication and thirst for knowledge led him to become an authority in many of the Islamic sciences as is evident from the books that he authored. He passed away in the year 1376 AH, may Allah have mercy on him.

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