Reciting ten verses from Soorat-ul-Baqarah at night time – Shaykh Uthaymeen

“Alif Laam Meem This is the Book that contains no doubt, guidance for those who fear Allah. Those who believe in the unseen, who establish the daily prayers and spend from what We have provided them with. Those who believe in what was revealed to you and what was revealed to those before you, and they are filled with conviction concerning the hereafter. They are upon guidance from their Lord, and they are the successful.” {Soorat-ul-Baqarah: 1-5}

(1) Related by Imaam ad-Daarimee in his Sunan as #3382 and #3383 from ‘Abdullah bin Mas’ood-may Allah be pleased with him-and it has been ruled as being marfu’oo [01] that he said:

“Whoever recites ten verses from Soorat-ul-Baqarah at night time the shaytaan will not enter the house that evening until the morning, (also) the first four verses of Soorat-ul-Baqarah, Aayat-ul-Kursee and the two verses after it, in addition to the three last verses of Soorat-ul-Baqarah beginning with: {…To Allah belongs what is in the heavens…}

And in another narration:

“…shaytaan or anything he dislikes will not come near him nor his family that day, and it is not recited over a mentally ill person except that he will recover from his illness.”

At-Tabaraanee related it in his Kabeer as #8673, and al-Haythamee said in his Majma’ (#17014): “The men of this narration are the narrators of the Saheeh except that ash-Sha’bee did not hear directly from Ibn Mas’oud.”


[01] T.N. Al-Khateeb (rahimahullah) said: “It is what has been narrated by a companion directly from the Messenger (may the peace & blessings of Allah be upon him)”. Al-Baa’eeth-ul-Hatheeth Page 54.

[Source] : Precious Remembrance – Shaykh Al Uthaymeen  [PDF]
A comprehensive collection of morning and evening supplications written by the hand of al-Faqih, al-Alaamah Muhammad bin Salaah al-Uthaymeen (raheemuallah).

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