Abridged Seerah of Prophet Muhammad ﷺ – Imam Muhammad bin AbdulWahhaab | Abu Muhammad al Maghribee [Audio Series |En]

Abridged Biography of Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him)

Abridged Seerah of Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alaihi wasallam
by  Shaykh Muhammad bin AbdulWahhaab
Abu Muhammad al Maghribee

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Class # Contents:

  • Class 01: Who were the first to embrace Islaam and who was the first martyr of Islaam?
  • Class 02: Covered many topics, such as the first bloodshed in Islaam and the first Hijra
  • Class 03: Reviewed the Second Hijrah to Habasha and continued with discussing the request of the Quraish that an-Najaashee to return the Muslims to the Quraish.
  • Class 04: Ended the last class with the death of An-Najaashee and begin this class with the entrance of Hamza into Islaam, radiyallahu anhumaa.
  • Class 05: Death of Khadijah, the wife of the Messenger, sallallahu alaihi wasallam, and Abi Taalib.
  • Class 06: Questioning of the Quraysh to the messenger, sallallahu alaihi wasallam, regarding the soul and the people of the cave.
  • Class 07: In last class we read about the questions of the Quraysh regarding the Soul and the People of the Cave.  Today we continue reading about the questions and the blessing of being guided to al-Islaam
  • Class 08: Continue with the section “Their Request for Signs” (meaning the Quraysh)
  • Class 09: Departure of the Prophet, sallallahu alaihi wasallam, for Taif

Titles of the other classes will be added soon, inshaa’ Allaah

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