Useful Ways of Leading a Happy Life – Imam as Sa’di – Dr Saleh as Saleh [Audio|En]

Based on the Book of Shaykh Abdur Rahman bin Nasr As Sa’di (rahimahullaah)
Dr.Saleh as-Saleh (rahimahullaah)

Useful Ways of Leading a Happy Life – Imam as Sa’di – Dr Saleh as Saleh [Audio|En]

Video Chapters:

  • 00:00 Introduction
  • 07:35 Ch 1.1: [No.1] Iman and Righteous Deeds
  • 20:45 Ch 1.2: [No.2] Goodness to creation, by words, by deeds, and by all types of good acts
  • 22:56 Ch 2.1: [No.3] Occupying Oneself With Useful Knowledge
  • 24:45 Ch 2.2: [No.4] Concern oneself with the affairs of the present, and to stop being anxious about the future, or grieving over the past.
  • 29:25 Ch 3.1: [No.5] Remembering Allah Much
  • 30:22 Ch 3.2: [No.6] Proclaiming and mentioning the favours and blessings of Allah on oneself, both the outwardly manifest, and the hidden
  • 32:03 Ch 3.3: [No.7] Look at those that are below you (in worldly positions),and do no tlook at those that are above you (in worldly positions)
  • 34:20 Ch 4.1: [No.8] Forgetting The Unpleasant Things That Have Passed
  • 37:26 Ch 4.2: [No.9] Prophetic dua to Allah seeking the betterment of his future both in terms of his religion and his worldly affairs
  • 40:10 Ch 5: [No.10] By imagining the worst possible thing that would have happened to him
  • 42:58 Ch 6.1: [No.11] Firmness Of The Heart
  • 44:03 Ch 6.2: [No.12] Reliance On Allah
  • 47:14 Ch 7.1: [No.13] By overlooking bad qualities, and bringing to mind the good qualities
  • 51:16 Ch 8.1: [No.14] Do Not Let Grief And Worry Make Your Short Life Shorter
  • 52:37 Ch 8.2: [No.15] When something unpleasant happens to him,or he is afraid that it will happen to him, he should remember the other blessings of Allah
  • 53:44 Ch 8.6: [No.16] Do not pay attention to slander and other evil talk about you
  • 54:18 Ch 8.6: [No.17] Know also that your life is subservient to your thoughts
  • 54:38 Ch 8.6: [No.18] Train yourself not to desire thanks & gratitude from anyone except Allah
  • 56:44 Ch 8.6: [No.19] Make the attainment of useful things your goal,and strive to realise them, and pay no attention to harmful things
  • 57:10 Ch 8.7: [No.20] On the spot accomplishment of the current activities so that the future may be free for you
  • 57:40 Ch 8.8: [No.21] Rank the Useful things and seek help in good thinking and good counsel

There is no doubt that the bliss of the heart, its tranquility and happiness, and the absence of grief and worry from it, is the goal of every individual. It is the means by which a happy,blissful and excellent life is achieved. There are means to achieve this;some of which are religious, some are natural and some are physical.These means are never gathered together except to the believers. The non-believers on the other hand, despite the fact that the earnest endeavours of their philosophers is to lead them to these means, even if they achieve them in certain aspects, they miss the way to them in several other aspects that are more beneficial, more permanent and better in yielding results.

Shaykh Abdur-Rahman bin Nasir As-Sadi `rahimahullah mention in his treatise the ways and means to achieve this lofty goal that is the quest of every individual. He said that some people are successful in following these ways, and therefore live a good and pure life and enjoy their life. Some woefully fail in following any of them, and they live a wretched and miserable life. Others lie between these two extremes;by the level of their following these means, by that level do they live a good life. And it is Allah `azza wa jall that guides to all that is good, and wards off all that is evil, and it is His Help we seek in this.

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Useful Ways Of Leading A Happy Life – by:Shaykh Abdur-Rahman bin Nasir As-Sa’di
Translated by:Bashir Aliyu Umar ; Printed by:The Ministry of Islamic Affairs,Endowments,Da`wah and Guidance ; Supervised by:The Ministry’s Deputyship for Printing and Publishing Affairs.

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