The Conspirators – Sheikh Saaleh bin Sa’d as-Suhaymee

As sallamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu

A few days ago (13th Ramadaan), in the masjid of the Prophet (sallalahu alahi  wa sallam) in Medina, in his explanation of Usool-us-Sunnah of Imaam Ahmad, Sheikh Saaleh bin Sa’d as-Suhaymee (hafidhahullah) said:

“My brothers, do not forget your brothers in Palestine, Syria, Iraq and in every place in your supplications because of these well-known conspiracies which have been agreed upon by all from amongst the disbelievers from the Jews and the Christians, the hizb-ul-Iblees (the party of Iblees), the Raafidah and other than them. They are agreed upon in concocting these conspiracies to divert the Muslims away from Tawheed and to put them to trial and so that they can reach their goals of completely eradicating the Muslims of Ahlus-Sunnah.

However, they will bring in loss (upon themselves) – by the permission of Allah – whether it is the Jews and the Christians of the west and the east, or the party of Iblees, or the Raafidah or those who conspire with them against Ahlus-Sunnah, or the Khawaarij or other than them. All of these (groups) will come to an end – by the permission of Allah. Every time a tentacle from amongst them appears, it will be cut off, and Allah will cut off their tentacles – by the permission of Allah, The Most High…”

The Sheikh then stressed the importance of the Muslims returning back to Allah and to have reliance upon Him alone. He mentioned how the day before someone in Gaza had even called upon Salaah-ud-Deen al-Ayubee (rahimahullah) to help them and that this is the very essence of Shirk. The Sheikh said:

“How do you expect to be rescued (from these trials) whilst you are calling upon other than Allah?”

He then advised the Muslims to call upon Allah alone and not upon anyone else, including the Prophet (sallalahu alahi wa sallam). He then supplicated for the destruction of all these groups, whether it is the ‘devils’ of the Khawaarij and The Islamic state of Iraq and the Levant, or the ‘devils’ of the Jews and the Christians in the east and the west or the ‘devils’ of the Raafidah or the hizb of Iblees. He then said:

“…By Allah, the Jews and the Christians and the west and the east are not the enemies of the Raafidah. They are not the enemies of the Khawaarij. They are the ones who brought them in, they are the ones who armed them and they are the ones who sold weapons to them. This is because the goal which they have in mind is to completely eradicate Ahlus-Sunnah, the Salafees, Ahlus-Sunnah Wal Jammah. However, they will bring in loss, failure and disappointment (upon themselves) by the permission of Allah, The Most Merciful…”

The transcription of the Sheikh’s words can be found at:

May Allah save the Muslims from the conspiracies of the Jews and Christians, the Raafidah and the Khawaarij. Aameen.

Abu Yusuf, Sagheer
Courtesy : West London Dawah Yahoo groups

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