[Fatwa: Transactions 03] – Permanent Committee

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Ruling on working for someone who deals in usury
Ruling on working in banks
Maintenance officials eating from meals to be served to plane passengers without obtaining permission
A woman working after learning medicine
Renting the commercial register in return for money
Hiring bulls for mating
The job of a female hairdresser
Working abroad
Religious commitment does not prevent earning a living
Leasing a rented building
Ruling on Naql Al-Qadam
Taking wages for reciting Qur’an
Taking fees for committing a Bid`ah, like earning one’s living through reciting the Qur’anand so on
Working in Journalism which Leads to Publishing and Promoting Evil
Education fees
The salary of a Mu’adhin
A specialist leasing their name
Negligent employees should pay for their negligence
Working for a person who rents apartments for people who commit abominable acts
Fee for performing circumcision
Taking fees for washing the dead
Obligation of the renter and the landlord to fulfill the contract
Paying wages to those who deserve it
Working full time in an additional job
Impermissibility of being absent or late for work without a valid excuse
Showing sincerity as an employee
Winning a bet
Prizes for competitors
Ruling on car, cargo, workers and factory insurance
Car insurance against accidents
Ruling on commercial insurance and on personal belongings
Ruling on working as a promoter for a life insurance company
Ruling on money and different properties insurance
Borrowing from the real estate bank to build a house provided that it will be insured with an insurance company
Paying and insurance sum of money for the telephone company or the like
Buying a car provided that it will be insured
Ruling on commercial insurance
Insuring a Masjid
Money collected from an insurance company in return for damages in the store
The compensation received under the agreement of the commercial insurance if a person takes it out of ignorance of the Shari`ah ruling
Permissibility of insurance contracts in the light of Shari`ah
A company that rescues people when their cars break down anywhere
Working for an insurance company
The lawful types of insurance
The Cooperative Insurance Company and United Company for Installment Sale
Claiming the value of stolen commodity
Commercial health insurance
The Takaful Islamic Insurance Company
Medical insurance
Ruling on car and business insurance
The Shari‘ah ruling on health insurance
Permissibility of a Muslim living in non-Muslim countries having health insurance
Health insurance cards for students in America
Golden discount cards and VIP
Ramattan Project for Health Services
Organ and money insurance
Insuring treatment for all employees
Participating in a German company for retirement
Insurance on cars having accidents
Promoting Riba to make up for losses
Health insurance
Returning usurped money
Issues related to Ghasb
Someone taking the money his friends entrust him to give to their families
Disposing of the bank’s usurious profits on trusted money
Ruling on the deposit that wears while with the depositor
An heirless depositor’s death
Ruling on `Awad when the borrowed item wears or is lost
Returning the money given without specifying the reason to the person’s heirs
Disposing of a worker’s entrusted wages after increasing it and being unable to find the worker
Giving the amount of the deposit away in behalf of its depositor
Spending the deposit
Giving in charity an amount her father gave her before his death to give to someone who could not be found
Disposing of an amount his father left him to return to someone who is unknown to him
Entrusting a deposit with another person
Making use of the deposit
Disposing of a deposit whose owner disappeared or died
A watchmaker having many watches for a long time whose owners did not come to take them
A watchmaker having many watches for a long time whose owners did not come to take them and who is closing the business
Entrusting a woman with a trust and upon asking for it, her husband denies having it
Wear of the deposit and the depositor’s forgiveness
A depositor’s death who has no known heirs
Someone entrusted with some money wasting it and the owner forgiving him
Permissibility of taking from a trust if the owner allows it
Wear of the deposit without the depositary’s negligence
Leaving a deposit for a long time
Two salesmen left a bag and ran away after asking about their ID cards
Someone died in the hospital leaving an amount of money and the clerk giving it away in behalf of the deceased after the heirs left it
Disposing of the contents of patients’ safes in hospitals especially those who die and have no known relatives or giving them to the social services department
Giving Luqatah in charity
Death of a depositor who has no known heirs
Death of a depositor who has heirs
Disposing of a trust
Ruling on not rendering back a trust
Rendering trusts back
Theft out of need
Denying theft
Not knowing the money owner
The money left with the depositor
Giving the deposit to the depositor’s heirs
A deposit as the right of the depositor’s heirs
Disposing of a trust
A deposit as the right of the depositor’s heirs
Giving the entrusted money to the depositor’s heirs
Revitalizing barren land
Ruling on the village pasture
Spreading mountain bees
The land the government grants to citizens
Spending Luqatah without announcing it
Ruling on Luqatah
Definition of Luqatah
Giving Luqatah in charity
Finding a Luqatah outside the Sacred Mosque during Hajj season
Finding some money at Mina and announcing it but without knowing the owner
Consumable items at company sites that are moved to another site
Ruling on disposing of the Luqatah
Announcing Luqatah in different ways
Disposing of missing objects in the university campus
Ruling on someone who finds money in a non-Muslim country
Ruling on objects cast out by sea
Taking a trivial Luqatah
Giving Luqatah in charity
Denying Luqatah
Giving the value of Luqatah in charity
Finding a Luqatah but being ignorant of the ruling
Buying a commodity from someone who found it on the road
Lost camels
Lost cows
Lost sheep

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