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Discount card at purchase or upon using some services

  1. “Bix” discount card
  2. Handicapped Identity Card
  3. The discount card issued by the Chamber of Commerce
  4. The teacher card
  5. School teachers’ Guide

Various questions about ill-gotten money

  1. Paying the price of a sold item or giving it away
  2. Repaying debt to its owner or giving it away
  3. Returning the rest of the price to the seller after denying receiving it
  4. Taking money to start a business but spending it
  5. Tawbah, seeking forgiveness and returning ill-gotten money
  6. Returning ill-gotten money to its rightful owners
  7. The station attendents
  8. Benefitting from ill-gotten money
  9. Returning money to its owner to be free from guilt
  10. The money of a Muslim is not lawful for his brother except by his consent
  11. Disposing of ill-gotten money by giving it in charity
  12. prohibition of eating what is unlawful
  13. Visiting someone who earns unlawful money
  14. Prohibition of eating ill-gotten money
  15. Earning ill-gotten money and then repenting to Allah
  16. Children eating from their father’s ill-gotten money
  17. A father eating from his son’s ill-gotten money
  18. Working as a hairdresser for women and eating from earned money
  19. Giving the wages in charity in behalf of its owner
  20. Giving the right in charity in behalf of its owner when it is hard to find him
  21. Repaying debts before getting married
  22. Giving the wages in charity in behalf of the owner
  23. Giving the wages in charity in behalf of the absent owner
  24. Giving someone’s right in charity in behalf of the owner
  25. Being invited to a banquet or party at a bank dealing in Riba
  26. Giving a debt in charity in behalf of the owner with his consent
  27. Returning money that fell from a thief
  28. Getting rid of ill-gotten money and abstaining from dealing in a prohibited type of transaction
  29. Giving the money in charity in behalf of the owner
  30. Tawbah and abstaining from dealing with banks
  31. Performing Tawbah from dealing in Riba while having unfinished businesses with people
  32. Mixing with and accepting gifts from people dealing with usurious banks
  33. Taking money from the Charity organization and disposing of it
  34. Taking from donations, charity and Zakah money
  35. Making profits from exploiting a land without its owner’s permission
  36. Using the company car for the benefit of the work not for personal purposes
  37. Taking sugar with the company’s permission and using it
  38. Getting rid of ill-gotten money by spending it in charity
  39. Inheriting money mixed with unlawful money
  40. Performing Tawbah and getting rid of money gained from trading in drugs
  41. prohibition of a Muslim having ill-gotten earnings
  42. Working in a store that sells and rents videos
  43. Buying and wearing clothes with an ill-gotten money
  44. Earning living from selling obscene pictures and videos
  45. Getting rid of the profits of a cafe that offers prohibited drinks
  46. Inability to know the owner of the money a deceased had borrowed
  47. Owning smoothing unrightfully and inability to pay to its owner
  48. Debt as a price to an unlawful item
  49. Looking for the lender to repay debt
  50. Hastening to repay one’s debts is to be given priority over giving Sadaqah
  51. Taking money without its owner’s permission and consent
  52. Looking for the rightful owner and returning the right or giving the right in charity in behalf of the owner
  53. Spending ill-gotten money and singling out a son with gifts
  54. Being free from guilt by returning the additional money to its owner
  55. Looking for the owners of rights and repaying them or giving the right in charity in behalf of them
  56. Delivering debt to the deceased’s heirs
  57. Someone claiming to be an agent and selling a commodity then wishing to return the right
  58. Delaying repaying the debts of the deceased

Selling the trees and the fruits

  1. Selling dates and grapes before appearing to be ripe
  2. Sellign figs before they appear to be edible
  3. Renting coconut trees
  4. Selling dates before pollination
  5. Selling dates on palm-trees
  6. Buying crops a long time before harvest
  7. Buying buildings to make profit by renting them out
  8. Selling watermelon before it is ripe

Chapter on Salam Transactions

  1. A loan whose commodity will be delivered on a fixed date
  2. The borrower’s delay in repaying debt
  3. Salam sale for cars
  4. Salam sale for a known car, price and time
  5. Salam sale for a car
  6. Selling a deferred commodity for something that is deferred
  7. Salam sale
  8. Permissibility of offering someone money provided that he will repay it in the form of a car
  9. Selling of food before receiving it
  10. Getting paid for gas by the contractor
  11. Giving someone money in return for getting the latest model of a car after a while
  12. Knowing the amount of the item being paid to in advance at the time of contracting
  13. Salam sale
  14. Agreeing to give in return for money honey from a certain bee-keeper

Chapter on Loans

  1. Borrowing gold
  2. Forms ofborrowing from the Agricultural Bank
  3. Borrowing from a Real Estate Development Fund
  4. Building by a loan to be repaid from future rent
  5. Taking a specific amount of barely for cultivation and returning the same amount
  6. Combining between lending and donating
  7. Loan given by the girl’s father to the prospective husband
  8. Deferring the repayment of the loan
  9. Some forms of sale at car fairs
  10. Borrowing from an Employee Loan Fund
  11. Repaying a debt in a different currency
  12. Borrowing a currency whose value changes before repayment
  13. Repaying a loan

Chapter on Mortgage

  1. Pawning a check
  2. Mortgaging agricultural land
  3. The mortgager making use of the pawned
  4. Exploiting mortgages in return for a loan
  5. Exploiting the pawned land in return for the mortgage
  6. Selling the mortgage

Chapter on Guaranty and Warranty

  1. Guaranty
  2. Kafalah
  3. Guaranteeing a person who takes a loan from the bank

Chapter on reconciliation

  1. Reconciliation and taking some money
  2. Binding one of the parties in a reconciliation to offer a sacrifice
  3. Reconciling honorable and knowledgeable people in what does not negate Shari`ah
  4. Reconciliation provided that the mistaken party offers food for the other
  5. Gathering on food for reconciliation
  6. The family of the person killed stipulating in the reconciliation to marry two girls from the killer family

Chapter on Hajr

  1. A guardian disposing of a minor’s property
  2. A guardian is responsible in front of the ruler for disposing of a minor’s property
  3. A guardian disposing of a minor’s property
  4. A grown-up sane woman disposing of her property
  5. Disposing of the money of those living under the social care
  6. Liability of a mentally ill person in matters of worship and life
  7. When a youngster becomes a Mukallaf
  8. Investing the orphans’ money
  9. The duration of orphanhood

Chapter on Wakalah

  1. Impermissibility of the agent taking any amount of the price without the owner’s permission
  2. The special discount for company representatives
  3. A bank authorization to receive the dues
  4. Those in charge of the organization leaving the one who caused damage
  5. Taking wages for collecting debts
  6. Those responsible for distributing money taking nothing for themselves
  7. The agent abiding by the orders of the authorizer
  8. Impermissibility of the agent taking anything from the owner’s money without his permission
  9. The agent abiding by the price fixed by the authorizer
  10. The agent taking nothing from the owner’s commodity
  11. The agent cannot buy for himself
  12. An agent providing a higher invoice for his benefit
  13. Impermissibility of taking the addition if the agent sells with a higher price than that fixed by the owner
  14. Representatives are in a position of trust during disputes
  15. An agent giving a bribe
  16. Hastening to distribute money among the poor when authorized to do so
  17. Taking wages for being an agent

Chapter on partnership

  1. A Chapter on Sharakah
  2. The obligation ofrendering trusts back between partners
  3. Assigning a fixed percentage of the profits to be distributed among shareholders
  4. Money collected under the company’s name as its sole right and is not to be taken
  5. Sharing with one’s name in a company in return for a percentage of the profit
  6. One must know the transactions of a company before buying shares in it
  7. Withdrawing from a partnership that deals in unlawful transactions
  8. Father in partnership with some of his children
  9. `Inan Partnership
  10. Mudarabah partnership

Chapter on sharecropping and shared-tenancy

  1. The sharecropping contract between a landowner and a farmer
  2. Leasing agricultural land
  3. Reward of planting during the life
  4. Those benefitting from cultivation lending the farmer
  5. Renting the land out for a fixed amount of money
  6. Renting agricultural land


  1. An agent selling the commodity for a higher price than that fixed by the honor and taking the addition
  2. Subcontracting and making gains
  3. Bringing workers and renting them
  4. Renting the taxi’s license number
  5. Taking money from workers in return for bringing them
  6. Ruling on taking a percentage from brought workers
  7. Hiring non-Muslims
  8. Bringing maidens
  9. Bringing workers and denying all their rights
  10. Bringing a servant to help the wife
  11. Hiring a non-Muslim
  12. Hiring a non-Muslim servant
  13. Contracting with a Kafir
  14. Someone hiring an alcoholic person who abandons prayer
  15. Forcing a worker to leave his money behind
  16. Bringing Kafirs to the Arabian Peninsula to work
  17. Abiding by established office hours even when no work is to be done
  18. Agreeing with a contractor to build and be paid after a while
  19. Butcher’s wage
  20. The heir’s agent’s right in reducing the wages
  21. Asking an employee to work overtime while having no task to be done
  22. Working or hiring people for an organization that works in or sells prohibited commodities
  23. Working in hotels that sell prohibited commodities
  24. Working or hiring people for an organization that works in or sells prohibited commodities
  25. A Muslim serving a Kafir

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