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Buyu (Transactions)

Sale Contract

Mentioning the two parties in the sale contract
Basics of economy in Islam

Hadith of entering markets

Selling an object to one’s children

Woman as a trader

Buying from non-Muslims when Muslim traders are present

What should be done with excess samples taken for the quality assurance of imported goods

Kinds of lawful transactions

Conditions of Sale

Mutual agreement in a sale
Selling prohibited items

Selling dogs

Selling monkeys

Selling cassette tapes

Entertainment Devices

Selling Flowers

Payment for blood donors

Selling a Najis article

Buying illustrated magazines

Selling visas

Ceding one’s rights to another person

Buying the crop yield for the next few years

Majhul sale

Credit sale and specifying the rate of profit

An urbanite selling to a Bedouin and receiving caravans

`Urbun sale

`Inah Sale

Selling by installments

Selling to a fixed time
Selling a commodity for a fixed time even if its price increases
Selling a commodity for a deferred price for more than the current cash price

Someone asking the other to buy him a commodity for cash money and then selling it back with a deferred price

Installment sale

Borrowing to trade

Buying in installments and having to pay insurance money
Selling after owning and having an item
Delaying the payment and delivery in a concluded sale
Buying books by installments

Difference between sale in installments and Tawarruq

Tawarruq and its ruling

Sale in immediate and deferred installments

Selling with a deferred price more than the immediate price

Substituting old commodities with new ones for some money

Financing a company to build a house with materials it does it own

Repaying debt before it is due with a reduction

Payment of debts

Procrastination in repaying debts

Repaying debt with the currency prevailing at the time of sale

Monopolization and pricing

Copyrights on tapes

Conditions in selling

Two sales in one
Combining two sale contracts
Buying a house from someone and stipulating that the seller should rent part of the house

Differed sale and stipulating that the buyer pays one Sa` of barely for each Dirham when the time is due

Selling the share in a company for some commodities

Selling a car in installments and stipulating receiving the buyer’s service

Offering a commodity for two prices and departing without picking one

A seller writing, “We do not replace sold goods nor return their price.”

Option sale

The buyer’s ownership of the commodity even if before registration
Telling the buyer the truth about the sold item

Informing the buyer of the sold item’s defect even if little

Selling a commodity bought with a defect

Buying without saying the defect of the sold item

An employee and contractor agreeing to record false amounts of water

Mentioning the sold item’s repairs

Selling a land whose owner was forbidden from starting a project on it

The seller hiding a defect that reduces the price of the commodity

Selling vegetables in wholesale knowing farmers cheat in them

Putting good fruits above bad ones

Gathering and packing the sold items under a reputable factory’s name

Putting good fruits above bad ones
Ripening semi-dry dates artificially

A seller mentioning the defaults to the seller

Selling a parked car without stating its problems

Washing an exported sheep to make the buyers believe it is local

Selling pornography

Selling the food remaining in a restaurant against the rules

Obligations of the two parties in a sale

Using a substance that makes buyers think figs are ripe

Stuffing the box of fruits with paper to make the buyer think it is full

Informing the buyer about the reduction of the weight of the bag

Bakeries reducing the weight of the loaf of bread

A butcher including the weight of the bag

Sincerity about the price of the commodity

Selling what is not owned

Selling something before owning it
The seller owning the sold item
Selling before or after buying
Validity of giving a promise to buy before actual buying

A man selling a land which he does not possess

A man selling what he does not own and then repenting and failing to find the buyers

A Muslim selling something before receiving and possessing it

Buying a car and selling it after possessing it

Fixing the profits’ rate

Selling a car before owning it

permissibility of selling after receiving the item

Selling the car to its first owner with a less price

The money paid for writing a Notification of clearance

The meaning of debt mentioned towards the end of Surah Al-Baqarah

The proper way of selling cars for deferred payment within a year or by installments

Facilitate the process of a debt

Selling what is not possessed

Borrowing a car from someone who does not own it, writing a contract and paying the money in the same meeting

Buying a car from the agency and selling it without moving it
Selling some Dirhams with cash for more Dirhams on credit

getting some furniture from another store and selling it the the buyer

Buying a land from a trader and selling it to him again in installments
Tawarruq and selling a commodity before buying it

The car agency owner selling a car without a plate or form and the buyer selling it as a debt before receiving it

Selling a commodity to someone after agreeing with another and giving the first a sum of money in return

Tawarruq and selling a debt for what is not owned

Buying and selling a commodity before paying its price

Having the custom’s clearance is not considered as receiving or owning the commodity

Conditions for owning a commodity

Wakalah in buying and selling a commodity before receiving it

A trader selling a commodity which he does not own and then going to the market to buy it


The difference between Riba and bribery
Reasons behind prohibiting Riba

There are seventy-three forms of Riba

Items regarding which Riba is prohibited

Riba for the lender and the borrower

Opinions regarding bank interests

Selling an animal for an animal of the same or different weight

Selling what does not have a weight for a similar type of the same or different weight

Selling cloth a meter for two meters
Selling coffee for deferred wheat
Selling salt for debt
Selling gems for gems of the same or different weight

Selling an old car for a new one with a difference in price

Exchanging a known car for an unknown one

Receiving monthly salaries from banks

Selling animals according to their weight

Selling chicken alive according to weight and selling vinegar which includes alcohol

Dealing in usurious transactions with a justification

Dealing in Riba in a society accustomed to it
Consuming Riba for a necessity

Usurious borrowing to buy a land and pray in it

Dr. Muhammad Rawwas’s suggestion regarding bank deposits

Guarantee of borrowing from the bank

Witnessing a Riba-based contract

Selling shares

Purchase of Promissory Notes

Riba Al-Nasi’ah

Difference between Riba Al-Fadl and Riba Al-Nasi’ah
Selling cash Dirhams for more deferred Dirhams

Buying a house in a way involving Riba

Selling checks and bills

Paying an amount on behalf of the buyer to get more from him after the fixed time

Selling deferred bills of Sawami` company to the bank for a part of their value

Additions due to delay

A charity organization stipulating the tenant pays 10% for delaying the payment of rent
The addition paid by the buyer for delay of payment
The addition paid for delay of payment
Selling a debt for a debt


Depositing money in banks for a fixed profit
Depositing money in the bank without taking an interest

Depositing money in the bank while being capable of keeping it safe

An accountant for a foreign bank

Working in banks

Depositing and borrowing from banks

Cooperating with the bank for a commission
Depositing money in banks dealing in Riba out of fear

Bank interests and prizes

Opening a bank account, transferring money and conducting business through it

The interest that is taken by banks from borrowers

Depositing money of underage children in a bank dealing in interest

Asking for the interests of depositing money in the bank

Depositing money in the bank out of fear

Disposing of bank interest for deposited money

Taking bank interests on the plea of spending them on the poor

Disposing of bank interests

Spending usurious benefits on the poor

Renting a bank safe

Using a sum of the borrowed money in trade

Investing charity money in the bank

Paying acquired bank interests in return for required interests

Someone having no trade depositing money in the bank

Depositing money in the bank without taking the interest

Balance coverage commission

A new convert paying to the bank its dues before entering islam

Depositing money in the bank to cover the children’s education expenses

Investing in an Islamic bank

Depositing cash at Al-Rajhy Company

Taking Riba to pay the taxes

The bank adding points to those who deposit in it and paying money for these points

Depositing and borrowing from banks

Selling a banknote to the bank

Money transfer through the bank
Selling Dirhams for Dirhams

Paying taxes from usurious interests

Taking a loan without an interest and paying an interest in case of repayment delay

Dealing with Islamic banks following banks dealing in Riba

Al-Bir charity organization opening a bank account

Depositing in banks dealing in Riba in case of necessity

Al-Bir charity organization opening a bank account

Taking usurious interests from the bank on deposited money in the form of money or privileges

Dealing with more than one bank in case of necessity
Depositing the organization’s money in the bank provided that the bank donates for the organization

Taking a usurious loan from the bank to build a house

Taking a usurious loan from the bank to start a business

Taking a usurious loan from the bank for marriage

Having no other way but to deal in Riba due to dire need

Borrowing to start a business

Profits of the bank’s shareholders

Borrowing from the bank to repay debt

Being forced to take a loan from commercial banks

Disposing of the interest added by the bank to the deposited amount without the owner asking for it

Are interests considered Riba?
Disposing of usurious interests after repenting from taking them

The bank taking the building expenses and an addition

Taking usurious interests to get ready for marriage

Separating money and its profits from its interests

Interests of investment banks
Borrowing from the bank without consuming Riba

Guarantee of the borrower

Borrowing from the bank without consuming Riba

Loans of the industrial bank
Borrowing from the bank without consuming Riba

Money saving

Payment of the price

Giving payment hand to hand
Selling dollars for riyals in installments and different periods

Repaying debt in another currency

Repaying debt in the same currency no matter its value increased or decreased

Buying gold with Dirhams

Buying and selling currencies

Deferred currency trade

Riba in banknotes

Currency exchange

Selling money in the black market

Taking the money owner’s permission before lending it
Money trade
Currency trade
Exchanging money hand to hand

Currency exchange

Using checks for obtaining international currencies

Buying money for the delivery date’s price

Transferring money from one country to another

Paying with checks instead of money

Banks selling the travelers check

Banks trading in currencies
Money exchange
Exchanging the local currency for a foreign one
Taking commission for currency exchange

Saving dollars fearing other currencies might be affected by the riyal’s decreasing value

Buying currencies according to Al-Khayar contract

Buying coin riyals with paper riyals with a difference
Buying a currency in full

Leaving one another before delivering the exchanged amount in full

Money exchange and payment

Buying a commodity with a currency and receiving the change in another currency

Exchanging Saudi coins for foreign paper money

Difference in dollar price

Selling gold

Exchange as a condition of selling gold
Selling used gold to and buying new gold from the same trader

Buying gold from a wholesale trader in installments

Buying gold to trade on it
Exchanging gold for gold
Selling gold to stores in a less price

Paying the price of gold and silver when writing the contract

Engraving the name of Allah on gold jewelry

Selling gold with the glass stones on it

Paying the value of gold a period after concluding the sale contract

Borrowing to buy gold and delaying payment of the price or part of it

Buying gold through the phone

Buying gold and not having enough money borrowing to pay

Buying gold with a down payment

Buying gold bearing some pictures

Selling used gold for new one

Selling used gold as new after processing it

Leaving the price of gold with the buyer as a trust after selling it

Selling gold for silver without exchanging them in the same seat

Reserving the amount of gold to buy by phone

Pawning gold for silver

Selling gold after consulting one’s family

Selling gold under the condition that the buyer counsels with others before signing the contract

Sellign gold made for men

Saving gold

Selling golden jewelry without exchange

Selling gold on credit whether the deferred payment is all or part of the value

Taking a fee for making gold

Seeking lawful earnings through trading in lawful sales

Receiving the price of sold gold in the same gathering

Paying for gold with a check

Selling gold for gold in the same gathering

Buying or selling gold in return for bank checks

Helping a women wear the gold she is buying

Wakalah in selling gold
Exchanging gold for gold
Selling gold for gold without exchange in the gathering
Hiring people to extract gems

Exchanging bracelets with smaller ones and paying the difference in price
The ruling on Riba

Using credit card to pay for gold

Equality of weight and exchange in the same gathering when selling gold for gold

Shareholding in Riba-based banks

Shareholding in the Saudi American Bank
Giving the usurious interest in charity

Buying shares in banks which do not deal in Riba

Holding shares in companies and banks


The electricity company saving system
Participating in Aramco savings system

Aramco savings system

Money prizes on savings
Spending usurious interests in doing good deeds but not in Masjids

Employees’ Saving Fund

Credit cards and borrowing money from banks

A company issued card for employees to use when buying a commodity
The borrower paying an amount of the loan when delaying repayment

Stipulating the payment of usurious interests upon delay in repaying the financial card

Using Samba visa card

Using the silver and gold credit cards

A card that transfers the money from the buyer’s account to the seller’s immediately

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