Does ‘Umrah in Ramadan compensate for Hajj? – Shaykh Ibn Baaz

Translated by Abu Afnaan Muhammad Abdullah hafidhahullaah
Video Courtesy: Bilal Nahim


Does ‘Umrah in the month of Ramadan satisfy for the obligation of Hajj due to the Messenger’s (صلى الله عليه وسلم) statement, “Whoever performs ‘Umrah in Ramadan is like the one who makes Hajj with me.”

Shaykh Abdul- Azeez Bin Baaz:

Umrah in Ramadan does not compensate for Hajj. However, it has the merit/virtue of Hajj due to his (صلى الله عليه وسلم) statement, ‘Umrah in Ramadan equals a Hajj’ or he said ‘a Hajj with me‘.

This means in regards to merit and reward and it does not mean it is equivalent to it and replaces it such that he does not have to perform Hajj. No, rather he still must perform the Hajj, the Hajj of Islam (the obligatory Hajj) even if he makes ‘Umrah in Ramadan according to all of the scholars. Thus, with ‘Umrah in Ramadan, the merit of Hajj is attained from the aspect of reward and excellence, but it does not compensate for the Hajj of Islam.

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