Paris Attacks : The True Islamic Stance – Abu Muhammad al Maghribee [Audio|En]

The Islamic stance on terrorist attacks remains the same whether these take place in a Muslim land or a non-Muslim land.  Islam condemns all acts of terrorism, such as kidnapping, beheading, suicide bombing, etc. Listen / Download Mp3 Here (Time 48:26) Posted from: Watch : Condemnation of Paris Attacks – Ash-Shaykh Al-ʿAllāmah Ṣāliḥ al-Luḥaydān [Video|Ar-En Subtitles]

This is Daesh ISIS. . . . ! – Shaykh Badr bin Muhammad al-Badr al-Anazi

Translated by Abbas Abu Yahya Daesh (in Arabic) are the initials for 'Dawla al-Iraq wa Shaam al-Islaami. [Islamic state of Iraq and Shaam(1) & in English termed as ISIS (2)] (3) They do not know anything of Islaam except for the word 'Islaam', they are the most ignorant about Islaam. This misguided sect came from …