At-Tayammum (Purification with Earth) – Abdul-Azeem ibn Badawee al-Khalafee | Dawood Burbank

PURIFICATION WITH EARTH (AT-TAYAMMUM): Its Legislation: He- the Most High- says: "And if you are ill or upon a journey, or one of you comes from going to the toilet, or if you have had sexual intercourse with women and you do not find water, then perform tayammum with clean earth: and wipe your faces …

How should the Sick person Purify Himself? – Shaykh Ibn Uthaymeen

1. The Sick person is required to purify himself with water, performing ablution from minor impurity and Ghusl from major impurity. 2. If he is unable to purify himself using water, due to weakness or fear of increasing his illness, or delaying his recovery, then he may perform Tayammum. 3. The way to perform Tayammum …

Tayammum – Umdatul Ahkaam – Dr Saleh-As-Saleh [Audio|En]

Umdatul Ahkaam – Purification – 36 – Chapter on Tayammum – Saleh-As-Saleh [audio] Umdatul Ahkaam – Purification – 37 – Doing Tayammum to Lift Janaba – Saleh-As-Saleh [audio]

Sahih Bukhari : Book 7: Rubbing hands and feet with dust (Tayammum)

Translation of Sahih Bukhari, Book 7: Rubbing hands and feet with dust(Tayammum) Volume 1, Book 7, Number 330: Narrated 'Aisha: (the wife of the Prophet) We set out with Allahs Apostle on one of his journeys till we reached Al-Baida' or Dhatul-Jaish, a necklace of mine was broken (and lost). Allah's Apostle stayed there to …

Tayammum – Al-Mulakhas Al-Fiqhi – Abu Muhammad al-Maghribee [Audio|En]

Tayammum Abu Muhammad al-Maghribee (hafidhahullaah) Audio Courtesy: [Mp3|English] From the book Al-Mulakhas al-Fiqhi (A Summary of Islamic Jurisprudence) by Sheikh Saaleh al-Fawzaan. The book of Salaah. Listen / Download Mp3 Here  (Time 1:00:25)